Our Values

We value a long-term relationship over a short-term profit.

We require honesty, integrity and safety in everything we do.

We value our employees and their contributions to our success and work to create an environment that develops leadership and excellence throughout the business.

The US Aggregates Difference

Not just more, but more focused

While several competitors blend together in a wide product mentality, touting not only aggregate but cement, asphalt, seed, and countless other items; US Aggregates is focused on aggregates and aggregate by-products. The management organization, salespeople, and quarry-based teams are focused on their local products and customers. Why should this matter to a customer?

Size and Stability Matter

US Aggregates has been a major player in the Indiana aggregate industry for more than 50 years. Since it is part of the Heritage Construction + Materials division of The Heritage Group, US Aggregates couples its proven operational system and logistics with deep financial resources to yield a whole new level of stability and reliability of service that far exceeds the competition. Why should this matter to a customer?


For more than 50 years, US Aggregates people have worked closely with their clients to outperform the competition. They know the local market and have people in the field who are willing to work with their clients to be more efficient and effective. These longstanding relationships are the foundation of the company.


Stability to overcome issues

Smaller competitors could be financially crippled by a lawsuit or slow economy – and that would leave customers un-served. US Aggregates has the experience that comes with so many years of experience and with the added backing of a large privately held company. They will be able to survive to keep serving communities should any issues arise.


US Aggregates knows the local economy, projects, and opportunities. They stay current on regulatory issues and work closely with their clients to use their knowledge as a competitive advantage.


Risk mitigation

Because US Aggregates is so plugged into the Indiana construction industry, they are constantly tracking regulatory issues and new mandates and then proactively educating their customers and helping them avoid fines and ensure compliance to reduce the customers’ risks.

Economic development

US Aggregates is a private Indiana based business with stable, long-term customer relationships. The company supports the local economy, pays local taxes, and employs local people to help drive local job growth.



Because of the resources of the parent company, US Aggregates can afford resources that many smaller competitors do not have. One example is the full-time salespeople who work with their customers. Even though most of our customers know what they need, there are many times when an “off the shelf” solution will not get the job done. We can help them. “Size matters; it gives us the resources to do these things.”



As an industry leader and with added resources, US Aggregates is able to attract top-tier talent and can afford to assemble the best team possible. And it’s a broad team of talent – from top leadership and the management team to sales professionals and customer service staff to on-site quarry team and resources in the local community.




With 17 quarry sites in Indiana, US Aggregates is often right around the corner. Not only now but also into the future given the vast untapped reserves that we have under ownership. With a natural 20-25 miles trade radius, our existing sites are close to your location and they are always staffed with local people who are part of your community.