US Aggregates takes pride in helping the farming industry. For that reason, we continually strive to give our customers the best possible value with our agricultural products, including consistent quality at a fair price. We are an active member of the Indiana Aglime Council.

Our Process

Our Aglime is used to aid in the balance of PH in your soil and promote healthy plant growth.

Using fine grind limestone or dolomite to transform the soil has many outstanding benefits to crops. Our products make plant nutrients more readily available and balance PH to promote soil microbe activity, and improve the overall soil structure. Our products are quality tested to make sure that the value of our product is maintained throughout each step of the process. This helps us provide our customers with a consistent product time and time again.


Getting you the materials you need on time is important to us.

Our reliable delivery process begins with an understanding of your schedule needs. Our dispatchers work with your team to coordinate the timely delivery of material utilizing proven haulers.


At US Aggregates, we do not take shortcuts.

We educate our stakeholders on the importance of following best practices and procedures. We use root cause analysis and employee engagement to continuously improve our processes. Safe use of our products is important to us. We provide Safety Data Sheets (SDS) that illustrate proper handling.

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