At US Aggregates we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our long term dolomitic reserves. Our material has low chemical variability, uniform particle size, and low decrepitation rates, to maximize efficiencies in the glassmaking process. These characteristics contribute to fewer process adjustments while reducing both furnace fouling and energy costs.

Our Process

 The unique characteristics of our reserves enables us to produce material that has a low chemical variability, uniform particle size, and low decrepitation rates. 
  • The reserve has been drilled and the chemistry plotted to provide a model that guides the mining process and ensures consistent chemistry. During the mining process, as the material is being prepared for blasting, samples are checked to verify the chemistry with the model.

  • Our Quality System ensures that the purity of our product is maintained throughout the production process and helps us provide our customers with a consistent product.

  • As the material is crushed, dried and screened to the desired size, samples are taken at each phase of this process to insure that the material is meeting the desired specifications. Once the final product has been quality tested it is ready to be shipped to the customer.


Getting the materials you need on time is important to us.

We are capable of shipping by both rail and truck to meet the individual plant needs. Our reliable delivery process begins with us understanding your schedule needs. Our Logistics Coordinator works with our customers to make sure our product is scheduled and delivered on time.

Our Quality System ensures that the selected mode of transport is inspected prior to filling with our material. We work extended hours to ensure that the truck, trailer, or rail car is loaded correctly and in a timely manner.


At US Aggregates, we do not take shortcuts.

We educate our stakeholders on the importance of following best practices and procedures. We use root cause analysis and employee engagement to continuously improve our processes.

Safe use of our products is important to us. We provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) that illustrate proper handling.

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  • HPD1080


    Low iron glass-grade stone. Application: Used in the production of glass

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