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  • Flux Stone FLX 2″ x 1″

    Applications: specialty product used in iron ore production

  • INDOT #2 Stone

    2.5″ material down to 1/2″ material. Applications: Primarily used as ground stabilization material.

  • INDOT #5 Stone

    1.5″ material down to 1/4″ material. Applications: Driveways, concrete and asphalt coarse

  • INDOT #9 Stone

    3/4″ material down to 3/8″ material. Applications: Driveway stone, backfill uses, production of concrete and asphalt.

  • INDOT #11 Stone

    1/2″ material down to 1/4″ material. Applications:  Top dressing for driveways, backfill uses, asphalt production.

  • INDOT #53 Crushed Stone

    1.25″ material down to dust. Applications: Driveway uses, backfill uses, ground stabalization

  • INDOT Revetment Rip Rap

    12″ to 3″ material. Sizes can vary by location. Application: Erosion control

  • INDOT Class I Rip Rap

    18″ to 3″ material. Application: Erosion control

  • INDOT Class II Rip Rap

    36″ to 18″ material. Application: Erosion control

  • #2 Stone

    Commercial grade 2.5″ material down to 1/2″ material. Application: Ground stabalization

  • #8 Stone

    Commercial grade 1″ material down to 3/8″ material

  • #11 Stone

    Commercial grade 1/2″ material down to 1/4″ material

  • #53 Stone

    Commercial grade 1.5″ material down to dust

  • #73 Stone

    Commercial grade 3/4″ material down to dust

  • 3/8″ Chips

    3/8″ limestone chips. Applications: Chip/Seal Material

  • Dump Off/Scrap Stone

    Common area for trucks to Dump and Clean truck beds

  • Screenings/Special Fill

    Application: Backfill Material

  • Septic Stone

    2″minus material with no fines in it

  • Special #8 Stone

    1″minus with all fines taken out. Applications: Backfill material, pipe bedding

  • B-Borrow

    Natural Sand material for backfill

  • Fill Sand

    Natural Fill Material off spec.

**  Color may vary by location. Not all products available at all locations.  **


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