The Heritage Group Visits Delphi

On May 17th, eight Heritage Group employees visited our Delphi operation to watch a blast in the quarry. Prior to the blast, visitors were given an overview of the blast process, provided with site-specific training and safety gear. Debbie Dobbins, a 28-year employee, was given the opportunity to press the button that would initiate the blast. The group first heard the blast, then witnessed the swift collapse of the quarry wall that produced more than 140,000 tons of crushed limestone.

After the blast, the group had lunch with plant employees, followed by an interactive tour. The quarry tour allowed guests to witness the quarry process in its entirety, from the stone being loaded into trucks, crushed and sorted into piles by product type. Finally, visitors were given the opportunity to take a piece of the quarry home with them by picking out a piece of fossiliforus limestone.


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